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Pop culture’s impact on marriage has been overwhelming, but should it alter your thinking of what’s right in your relationships?

Many of you want to rise above the tide of pop culture and wave of degrading messages in the media.

Is the answer as simple as turning off television and restricting Internet? Make an intentional decision to hide from the world?

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

You need to be informed to keep the extreme from becoming the norm in your life. Nearly everyone spends more time watching television than in church. The conversation around the water cooler centers on entertainment, not religion.

As you try to build your marriage, heal your relationships and parent more effectively, you have to worry about the toxic effects of pop culture. The allure of instant gratification takes a toll.

As Christians living in the 21st century, we are bombarded by images, ideas, and constant media. How is this affecting us? How should we navigate this in a way that honors God? In this video clip, the founder of Jonathan Morrow address some of these issues.


The biggest problem lies in the constant mocking of God and Christian culture.

Marriage has been under constant attack, for example, whether it’s to spice up a television show or movie with immoral characters or to promote same-sex relationships.

Marriage is God’s plan for a man and woman, integrating sex, parenthood, economics and intimacy into a life-long commitment.

Pop culture has moved the needle, suggesting sex before marriage is no big deal and that hardly anyone has a happy marriage. Casual drug use and porn addiction devastate lives but are treated merely as quirky personality traits in story lines.

Here’s what’s at stake. Misleading messages feed immorality and lead to broken promises, relationships and families. They lead to broken hearts and an unhappy world.

The good news is that through Christ and His truth, you can find hope and, in turn, offer that hope to your friends and family. Be steadfast in the work you do.

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