Head, Heart, Hand Self Assessment

Head Heart Hand

Here is a question for you. Did you know that a critical element of an intentional life is bringing your thinking, emotions and actions all into full alignment? That can often be a very difficult thing to do when life seems to always be tossing us a curve ball on a daily basis.

On this page we have provided you with a free self-discovery tool that will help you learn a little bit more about yourself and also help you identify if you are more of a head (thinker) person, a heart (emotional) person or a doer (action oriented). This self-assessment will also provide practical tips on how you can bring your thinking, emotions and actions into alignment.

By answering a few short questions, you’ll gain helpful insight into your strengths: thinking, feelings and actions. You’ll also learn where you need to be more intentional in your life and your relationships.

Download the Head, Heart, Hand Self Assessment

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Tell Us

After taking the self-assessment, tell us if you’re a head, heart, hand or some combination of the three.

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