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Trust in God is more than positive thinking that things will turn out okay in the end. Kelly Danielson heard the words from the experts. They said she would never have children. She knew this would shatter her dream. Kelly shares her journey of trusting God and how she is living an intentional life after the doctor said No, but God said Yes, on Dr. Randy’s Intentional Living show. You can hear her reasons to trust God now here: Listen Online

When we become overwhelmed with obstacles life throws at us, the enemy often tells us that it’s all over. Don’t let that kind of discouragement—that lie—get in the way of deepening your trust.

  1. Know what you believe.
    What you believe about God will determine what you believe about your life. Noah—the guy that built the Ark—perceived God to be awesome and trustworthy. If he didn’t see God that way, he never would have started construction on the ark. Jonah—the guy that landed in the belly of a fish—didn’t seem to think God quite knew what he was doing, at first.
  1. Accept that His Word is true.
    Jesus gave His life for you, and all He asks is that you live as a reflection of His nature and character so that others see Him in you. That can only come as you develop a trust that His Word is true.
  1. Maintain a big view of God.
    A small view of God has the attitude that I am in control of my life—I have my plan and I hope God approves (similar to Jonah’s attitude). When we have a big view of God, we can live with certainty knowing we can take the risk and obey God, because it’s not about us. We can trust him with our lives.
  1. Let passion move you.
    If you’re not actively living a belief, it’s not really your belief.  You believe in Christ, you believe He died on the cross for you, you believe you are going to heaven. Those beliefs are essential—but that’s not the place to stop. God wants to continually add depth to your faith, increasing your passion to serve more, do more, be more. If you have reached a plateau, ask God to stir the fire of your faith again today.
  1. Reflect Christ.
    When our lives demonstrate His heart and hope for this world, it’s an indicator that we trust Him to help us live the life He has called us to. Christ came to live in us and work through us to bring every person closer to Him as we live our lives in His image.

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