Spouse's Family

When you married and established a new home, you departed from your old ways. You didn’t leave your first home in terms of love or communication, but you did leave in terms of authority and priority.

The most important human relationship now is the one you have with your husband or wife, not your mother or father or your in-laws. Your marriage is a living, breathing institution with a life of its own. You and your spouse solve your own problems and make decisions as a team.

The challenge with in-laws come when they cross lines. They have opinions about how you should live, offering unwanted advice.

United couples will be more successful in dealing with difficult in-laws through setting goals and making decisions together. Decide how you want to improve your relationship by:

  • Having no divided loyalties
  • Setting decision-making boundaries
  • Talking to your parents
  • Doing something nice for your in-laws
  • Never forcing your spouse to choose
  • Acting in accordance with your own values

Your in-laws may be much different than you. They have their own opinions and a different style. If they say something you think is wrong or offends you, first talk it though with your spouse.

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