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“Are you willing to embrace change so that it strengthens you?” – Dr. Randy Carlson

Listen as Dr. Randy Carlson, Founder of the Intentional Living Center, and our Intentional Counselor and Coach, encourages you to consider change, if you need to break out of where you are stuck.

“What’s the balance in your checking account? …Everyone needs to keep an account register!” – Parkey Thompson

Listen as Parkey Thompson, our Intentional Finance Coach, encourages you to pay attention to your money–and why that’s so important.

“Plan two separate shopping trips… One for smaller items and one for bigger purchases.” – Rod Robison

Listen as Rod Robison, our Intentional Stewardship Coach, encourages you to Separate Your Shopping trips.

“Movement can work to free you from mental blocks.” – King Hoover

Listen as King Hoover, our Intentional Health Coach, encourages you to Walk It Off.

“Do you have times when your energy is so low, you’re not interested in things that used to make you happy? It COULD be depression, and the instant cure isn’t drugs..” – Dr. Gregg Jantz

Listen as Dr. Gregg Jantz, our Intentional Mental health Expert, helps you learn more about an Instant Cure..

“Don’t vent and whine along with them. that just encourages them!.” – Linda Swindling

Listen as Linda Swindling, our Intentional Workplace Coach, helps you deal with Whiners at Work.

“Externally focused people are happier and healthier than internally focused people.” – Dr. Randy Carlson

Listen as Dr. Randy encourages you to Refocus Your Focus!