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Strong-Willed Kid in the House

August 20th, 2019

Praying for your adult children is good. Praying like this is intentional.

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Three Ways to Cultivate More Ah-ha Moments

Here are three helpful and practical things we can do to cultivate more of our ah-ha moments


Ah-ha vs. Oh No Moments

There are a couple of moments in time in our lives that are very powerful, but they’re also very dangerous. It’s the ah-ha moments of our lives.


6 Steps to Rest an Anxious Mind – Part 1

As Christians, we need to make sure we are practicing these six steps to resting an anxious mind, but you may also need to seek professional help. Don’t feel like you are less spiritual than you ought to be.


Ten Lessons I Learned Riding in an Airplane

I’d like to share ten things I learned on an airplane. It’s a picture that will help us live an intentional life.


Five Kinds of Clutter

Clutter is more than just a closet that needs to be cleaned out at home. There are deeper issues. A cluttered closet is a problem but consider the challenges of a cluttered mind. That being said, let’s look at five types of clutter.


The Declutter Book

When we hear the word “clutter,” we immediately think of our closets, garages, basements or the trunk of our car. We think of the things we collect.


Will You Declare Your Intentions?

It’s important not to declare your intentions until we know that is coming from God. That is where we get in trouble.


The Power of Declaring Your Intentions

We need to declare our intentions because nothing really good happens in our life until we do so.


Thought Catchers

Paul instructs us in 2 Corinthians to take captive every thought out of obedience to Christ. If you study that passage, it’s really not so much about just taking captive my own thoughts, but also helping the church. The truth was being destroyed around them. Paul was saying help people take captive the truth of the gospel.


The Solution to Self

Have you ever looked back on your own life and could see where the sin you wrestle with today was planted in your life and how it’s grown, and it’s developed? It’s one pattern of behavior or thinking, or a response that grows until all of a sudden, as the Scripture says, it becomes progressive, perilous and often leads to death.


The Power of Self – Four Things to Know about Desire

Desire is a very powerful force in our lives, and I am convinced it’s the root of why it’s so difficult for us to live intentionally. The reason we get into trouble is because our desires are not aligned with what God has for us.     


Desire and the Power of Self

The problems we face in life have roots that go into yesterday’s desires and into yesterday’s actions.  We become a product of the things that we desire in our lives


Have the Courage to Change, Part 2

Do you know the condition of the things that are most valuable in your life?


Three Keys to a Thriving Marriage, Part 1

There’s something sacred about keys – you just can’t throw them away. Keys open things. While working with couples for many years, I’ve found three of the keys to unlocking a thriving marriage.


The Lock of Humility

Do you have a box of old keys?  Maybe you have a drawer where you keep old keys. If you’re like me, you don’t throw keys away because we assume some day we are going to need that key even though we have no idea what it goes to.  Right?



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