Celebrating holiday traditions

I believe the best way to simplify your holiday season is to embrace tradition. Stop for a moment, close your eyes with me if you can, and think back. What do you remember from holidays past? You remember the simple things—the traditions, food, fun and family. Traditions are important because memories are what hold relationships together.

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This Christmas I encourage you to rediscover Christmas by continuing some old traditions and establishing some new ones. The key is to keep them simple, memorable and something that the entire family connects with emotionally. It may be the way you go about opening your gifts, maybe it’s the location you open them, or what you do before you open your gifts. Some families read the Christmas story before opening gifts. Others say a prayer of thanksgiving together.

And here’s a specific word for those of you in blended families—don’t cast off your traditions. Instead, bring traditions from your old family into your new family so your children will have something positive to hold onto. Continuing the traditions they’ve held dear for years will provide some continuity for them. Design some new traditions as well. Begin creating new memories that both your children, and the children from your new spouse, can all enjoy as uniquely their own.

Traditions provide a good alternative to the commercialism associated with the holidays, and allow you to set aside specific time for family activities that are unique to your family. These memories create a legacy of love and togetherness for your entire family.

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