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The strongest teams in sports have chemistry in the locker room. They’re a blend of experience, communication and unity; and they learn to overcome adversity through agreements and disagreements. Those qualities lead to championships and celebrations.

The same is true in marriage. The power of agreement holds the potential for happiness, joy and celebrations in your life. It has the potential to radically transform your marriage.

Marriages can sour for one consistent reason—selfishness. Husband and wife fail to act and think in unison. They miss the opportunity to utilize the power of agreement.

The decision to work as one takes an intentional choice on the part of both spouses. It steers couples in the right direction, alleviating stressful moments, reducing the possibility of disillusionment and fostering success.

Marriages in alignment provide a foundation for confident, stronger relationships. When couples are open and honest in communicating, it builds trust. They prefer to talk things out when they disagree.

The power of agreement is extremely important. When two people come together, living as one, they live as team. This brings unity to the marriage.

By avoiding conflict, we allow problems to become increasingly complex. Discussing issues, working on solutions and making a plan to address future issues may help derail concerns before they become uncontrollable. Discover the power in agreement and use it to strengthen your relationship.

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