The “Love Your Marriage Night” concluded in 2014 as a huge success for those couples looking to enrich and energize their marriage and take it to a new level. In a date-night environment, the host of Intentional Living on more than 200 stations nationwide showed couples how to cherish and enhance their relationships. Dr. Carlson also taught husbands and wives how to recognize warning signs of trouble and how to fix them.

Over 4,800 people attended “Love Your Marriage” events, including 2,100 in Texas and New Mexico, more than 2,700 in Arizona.

Of those who attended in all three states, close to 4,200 accepted Dr. Carlson’s Intentional ONE THING Challenge. The Intentional ONE THING Challenge asks participants to do one thing, such as praising your spouse or exercising, for 30 days until it becomes a habit.

Love Your Marriage Night connected with couples because many want to enhance their marriage or save their relationship.
—Dr. Randy Carlson, Ministry President

Everyone I spoke to and observed left the event uplifted and feeling a stronger bond not only with their spouse but with Christ as well. They all felt that Dr. Carlson gave them tools to enrich their marriage and to help them build stronger understanding and appreciation for their spouse.
—Mike Spiva, Ministry Promotions Director

Several of the events contained near sellout crowds and all of the attendees walked away with a lot of practical advice that they can apply immediately.
—Evan Carlson, Ministry Vice President

The Intentional Living Center is clearly seeing a desire that people have to strengthen their marriage due to the tremendous response that the ministry has experienced from these events. Stay tuned for future event announcements from the Intentional Living Center in the months ahead.

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