1. Listen without interruption – feeling heard creates intimacy
  2. Husband – ask your wife: “What one thing can I do this week that will make you feel most loved by me?” – then do it!
  3. Wife – ask your husband: “What one thing can I do this week that will make you feel most respected by me?” – then do it!
  4. Pray together each day for the next week – creating spiritual intimacy has many benefits
  5. Speak only words of encouragement to and about your spouse for the next 48-hours – you’ll learn a lot about yourself and your marriage
  6. Within 24-hours jump in and help your spouse without being asked – it may surprise them at first, but the feeling is great
  7. If you are raising children together, get on the same page – if you can’t do that, at least limit disagreement to behind closed doors – remember, there is intimacy in agreement
  8. Within the next week schedule a “date night” for just the two of you – a change of scenery refreshes a relationship
  9. Within the next 7-days solve a problem together that you’ve been putting off too long – problem solving helps remove the weight of indecision
  10. Pray daily for your spouse – you’ll experience a new attitude about your spouse and marriage

© 2013 by Randy Carlson

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