Work Relationships

Working with people is probably the biggest challenge you face at work. Perhaps you have a coworker you just can’t seem to get along with. Maybe your batteries wear low after a major project or meeting. It could be you struggle because you feel you have little opportunity to share insight and offer creative suggestions.

Such challenges in the workplace can make it difficult to remain focused, productive, cooperative, honest and hardworking. The disappointment can sometimes lead to excuses.

Don’t let it happen to you!

A noted business consultant surveyed 110 executives on the excuses they hear most from their workers. The top five responses:

  1. “It’s not my fault.”
  2. “It was someone else’s fault.”
  3. “Something else came up.”
  4. “I didn’t have time.”
  5. “We’ve never done it that way before.”

You don’t want to be known as an excuse-maker to your boss or co-workers. If you’ve used similar lines, intentionally look at your work obligations so you’ll:

  • Not place blame, but accept full accountability.
  • Better manage your time to be more efficient.
  • Embrace new strategies or assignments instead of fearfully pushing them away.

Go that extra mile!

Do more than you’re asked and with excellence—ahead of time. Ask your co-workers how you can help. You’ll shine to your boss and have fewer days of feeling worn down and having trouble finding motivation.

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