Start the Year Strong!

One Thing That Could Change Your Life in 2021…

It’s that time of year again…New Year’s resolution season!

Instead of a New Year’s resolution, challenge yourself and ask, “What’s One Thing I could really commit to the Lord — that I could put my heart and mind to focus on for 30 days, or even beyond that would make a difference in my life?”

To help you start this new near off right — and to provide daily encouragement as you commit to your One Thing — with your special gift today, we’ll send you the Power of One Thing Gift Pack:
• A beautiful 16×20-inch watercolor print, My “One Thing” for Today
• A “One Thing” wristband to provide daily encouragement
• Dr. Randy Carlson’s January teaching CD, One-Thing Daily Will Change Your Life in 2021

So thank you for your generous gift today! It will be put to use right away, to help people understand that God loves them and has wired within each of us a destiny and a beautiful plan for our lives.

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