Finish Strong

Children everywhere dream big dreams. They want to be the hero—the fireman, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner, the famed baseball star, the famous singer, dancer or songwriter.

No one dreams of a mediocre life.

We all desire to become that someone that stands for something—that makes a difference and reaches the pinnacle of our God-given purpose. The sad truth is that many of us get caught up just doing life—distracted and disillusioned to believe that we may never find and live out our purpose.

God created every single one of us with purpose. We were made to succeed. And because we have an intentional God who desires for us to complete His purpose for our lives, we need to trust Him and believe we can do it. The reality is it takes a decision of intentionality. Are you determined to do it? Will you become the man or woman who can say, “Yes! I finished strong!”?

In order to do that, we need to plan like we’re going to live forever, but live today as if this were our last day on the planet.

There’s something about first and last things.  All of us who have children can remember the first word of our son or daughter—words like mama, dada, or mine.

We also record last words. Emily Dickinson, a famous author, died in 1886 and her last words were, “The fog is rising.” Thomas Jefferson, the crafter of the Declaration of Independence, died on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, July 4th in 1826.  His last words were a question, “Is it the 4th yet?”  He wanted to live long enough to make it to the 4th of July. And Daniel Webster, a follower of Christ, as his last words said, “I still live.”

The first recorded words of Jesus appear in Luke Chapter 2. He was in the temple, 12 years old. His family had lost Him, and was looking for him when they found him in the temple. He said, “Why is it that you sought me?  Did you not know that I must be about my father’s business?” The very first recorded words of Christ were about His mission—about why He was on the planet.

The last words of Christ on earth are in John 19; He’s on the cross. I’m sure at that moment He is reflecting upon His life, to His commitment to go to the cross to die for us. The final words of our Lord Jesus were, “It is finished.”

I am absolutely convinced that the only way that we can finish each day, each year strong, is to be intentional. Anything other than intentionality in how we live will lead to something that’s mediocre, less desirable, less satisfying, lacking the peace and freedom that God so desires for us to experience. To live intentionally we must ask ourselves, What one thing today can I do to bring Him pleasure and benefit to other people and to myself?

As we look forward into 2014, what is your goal for this year? Make it your goal to get to the end of the year and able to say, I finished strong. You can make a difference and fulfill your God-given purpose. You can fulfill your commitments and be intentional in the things God wants you to do this year.

At the close of 2014 will you say, like Christ did, “It is finished.”? Make a decision and become determined to live each day in 2014 so you can finish this year strong—intentionally!

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