Lean on Christ

Lean on Christ

You can truly meet any challenge when you lean on Christ and stop trying to figure things out on your own.

A couple of our listeners, Cindy and her husband, John, learned this principle first hand. Cindy said that she and her husband were living paycheck to paycheck, and things were fine until gas prices escalated. She said,

“We found ourselves picking and choosing which bills we had to pay. The bottom fell out, however, when my husband lost a couple of contract jobs, and it wasn’t long before we had difficulties paying our mortgage. We had this overwhelming feeling of dread, like we had come to the end of the road.”

Cindy said they had pretty much lost all hope. Their financial difficulties began to devastate their marriage. But then they accepted an invitation to attend church, and they started listening to Intentional Living. Cindy said,

“We invited Jesus into our lives, and our lives were changed! We are still struggling financially, but now we are taking action to be intentional about making things better, both financially and with our marriage. We finally have peace!”

At the low point in Cindy and John’s greatest crisis, they were ready to look up. And God used your support of this ministry to transform their lives.

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