Broadcast Date: May 21, 2015
Grandparent fishing

According to 2010 U.S. Census data, 4.9 million American children are being raised solely by their grandparents. The number is almost double that of the 2000 Census — 2.4 million. Millions of kids are being raised by their grandparents. If you are one of them, how are you holding up? How are you being Intentional in your role? What do you struggle with? Dr. Randy is here to help and encourage.

On Facebook today: “Are you a grandparent raising your grand kids? What have you learned about your role as a “GAP” (Grandparent As Parent)?”

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Contributing to Today’s Program

larry_hoekmanLarry Hoekman – Author, Speaker, and Intentional Grandparenting Advocate (we call him “Larry the Grandparent Guy”!)

“Intentional Living and Dr. Randy Carlson also had greatly influenced my thinking. We can have foundational principles but do nothing, and we can live intentionally but not be headed in the right direction. So when we combine being intentional with God’s vision for us as grandparents, we now can fully live out God’s call on our lives as grandparents. Hence the title which combines both – Intentional Grandparenting with a Vision!”


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