Broadcast Date: November 28, 2014
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Today’s Program

Do you feel like you’re getting squeezed by the economy? How about you turn the tables and start squeezing every drop out of every dollar you ear? Dr. Randy is here to help you with that, and he wants to hear your ideas about saving money! He’ll also be joined for a portion of the program by the heads of America’s Cheapest Family!

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Family50DollarStretchColorYou’ve probably seen them on TV, heard them on the radio, or read about them in the paper or online. They are Steve & Annette Economides, and they head up “America’s Cheapest Family.” They’ve been all over the media, from FOX, to ABC, to TIME, to Dr. Phil, and many many more! And they can help you be more intentional with your money, as well.

From Steve & Annette:SteveAnnetteFramedSmall

We have been living the “Economiser Lifestyle” since 1982. During that time we’ve found thousands of ways to save money on everything from food to fun and cars to castles (well, really more like houses). Many friends have encouraged us to put in writing the strategies and systems we’ve used to raise a family of five kids and still manage to save enough money to pay cash for cars and pay off our house. This web site is a window into the life of our family and those we have helped to get out of debt.

Each article we write shares some of our brilliant successes and unfortunately, some of the miserable failures we have experienced in our attempt to live a simple and frugal lifestyle. Our hope is that we will provide encouragement to maximize your time and money so that you can reach the goals that really matter.

CLICK HERE If you want to know a little more about our family and our frugal background….

inTENtionalsinTENtionals for Your Money

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