Broadcast Date: March 31, 2015

Work 40 years and retire to a life of leisure. It’s American Dream, right? How should we really view our “senior” years? Can we still be productive? Find meaning in life? Make a difference? Of course we can! The idea of retiring from a career is one thing, but the idea of retiring from life and service has no biblical foundation. Dr. Randy is here to encourage us to see our “retirement” years as an opportunity to give and serve.

What is your idea of a great retirement lifestyle? Play golf every day? Volunteer? Keep working? How about you?

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Heard on Today’s Program

lee_escobedoLee Escobedo of Lee’s Nite Radio

Lee was here to talk about why he pursues a challenging lifestyle even after his typical “retirement” age.

“I retired in 2011 from my career in Christian broadcasting, but I couldn’t retire from my passion of pointing people to Jesus. I decided to provide a way for people to respond and be heard.   I’d like to talk with you, our conversation is important.”
– Lee Escobedo


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