Broadcast Date: July 31, 2015
Divorce Recovery

You have heard the Malachi 2 passage that quotes God as saying, “I hate divorce.” Too often it is used as a club to beat up those who get divorced. But WHY does God hate divorce? Is it just because it offends Him or could it also be that he grieves for those going through the pain of the broken relationship? How can you recover if you have gotten divorced? Dr. Randy is here to help and encourage. He is also joined, briefly, by Michelle Borquez (see below), a Christian woman who experienced the pain of divorce, but also has experienced God’s healing. And she’s written a book about it!

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Contributing to Today’s Program

Michelle Borquez

Michelle BorquezMichelle Borquez is the creator of the Freedom Series, a series for women that focuses on healing and wholeness after life’s difficulties.  She is also the spokesperson for Beth Moore’s national TV special, “Living Well,” and for the GLO Bible.  Michelle Borquez knows the challenges Christian women face. Her books include God Crazy (10,000 sold), Overcoming the Seven Deadly Emotions (10,000 sold), and Live, Laugh, Love Again (20,000 sold). Now she and her co-authors have developed “The Freedom Series,” a twelve mini-book series that equips women to move forward after the traumas of life.  Michelle has hosted and been a featured guest on hundreds of television and radio programs, including; NBC’s Midday Connection, The 700 Club, Life Today, Positively Texas, and TBN.

Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce

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From Michelle: “Are you feeling alone in your divorce, without hope, and lost trying to figure out this new life you are forced to lead? Are there nights where loneliness feels as if it is closing in on you? Are thoughts of anger and resentment towards your former spouse consuming your heart and mind? Do you wonder if you will ever “live again”?

“We want you to know there is hope after divorce. Michelle Borquez, host of the Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce DVD, has an encouraging message for you. “


From the ILC Blogs

Five Essential Steps to Divorce Recovery

Divorce is a fact of life that can neither be ignored nor wished away. You or someone you know has been impacted by this life-altering reality. Yet God is not caught off-guard by divorce, and His Word is neither silent nor naïve on the subject.

Malachi 2:16 bluntly states that God hates divorce. He understands the hurt, loneliness, and frustration it brings. God loves, cares for, and desires the very best for His children. He wants couples to enjoy spiritual, sexual, and emotional intimacy, and research shows that a strong, loving, and committed marriage contributes to that trio of intimacy needs.

Another reason God hates divorce is because…



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