Broadcast Date: January 31, 2014
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Parenting is a challenge. God’s Word has a lot to say about it, and Dr. Randy is here to help you discover how apply God’s Word and principles and be an intentional parent. it’s Open Phones today, so Randy is ready for your questions and success stories of YOUR intentional parenting.

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inTENtionals for Parents!

inTENtionals for Parents

inTENtionials for Parents

30 Day One-Thing Challenge

one-thing-challenge-purpleWe often talk of an “Intentional One Thing Challenge.” To start the new year, how about making your “One Thing” a New Year 30 Day Challenge”? What One Thing could you do for the next 30 days to enhance your marriage? Or strengthen your parenting skills? Or bolster your household financial management? Or improve your health? Or help your workplace relationships? Any one of those could be your 30 Day Challenge!

Feel free to tell us about it through our Comment/Story line (888-888-1717), on our Facebook page, or Twitter @TheILCenter.

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