Broadcast Date: February 7, 2014
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There are two things parents have: kids and questions!  If you’ve got a parenting or grand parenting question, Dr. Randy is here to help and to hear how you are being intentional with your kids!

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inTENtionals for Parents!

inTENtionals for Parents

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Stephanie Breedlove

Ms. Breedlove, of, was featured in a News Story by Steve Tanner. Find out more about the “Nanny Taxes” of which she spoke right here.


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Became a Christian in 1963 – Have always been blessed by following the Lord’s leading in ministering salvation to others. Some ministry has included the following: founded jail ministry, community mission for needy, feeding program, homes for troubled teen girls, Christian support group for cancer patients/survivors/family, and God’s Precious Jewels (ministry to Native American children and their families). Teacher of the Word, speaker and violinist.


I’m  having difficulty sending the cover of the book. I’ll keep trying, and hopefully can make my computer cooperate. Would you be able to lift the cover off the book?


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