Broadcast Date: January 30, 2014
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What difference can one word make? A lot! You hear Dr. Randy talk a lot about “one thing.” In fact he wrote the book, “The Power of One Thing.” But what if you sought God’s guidance to focus on one word for a whole year? How powerful would “forgiveness” or “compassion” or “health” or “discipline” or “excellence” be over a year? Dr. Randy also welcomes a pastor today who has embraced the “one word” concept with his congregation for several years. hear his story of how “one word” can make a huge impact in your life today, and this year!

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Today’s Guest

Mike AshcraftPastor Mike AshcraftOne Word

Mike is pastor of Port City Community Church in Wilmington, N.C. He first challenged his congregation in 2007 to settle on one word for the year, research it in the Bible and ask God to teach them with the word. (More about the “steps” can be found here.) What followed was a marked change in his congregation and a movement that went beyond his church. Blogging at, Ashcraft leads thousands who have embraced a new way to pursue personal, spiritual growth: focusing on one word for an entire year.
Ashcraft and his co-author Rachel Olsen, in their new book, “MY ONE WORD: Change Your Life With Just One Word” say it’s time to start doing something about “one thing” and stop doing nothing about everything. “My One Word” looks at how one word, one year and God’s leading can spark deep, long-lasting personal transformation.

30 Day One-Thing Challenge

one-thing-challenge-purpleWe often talk of an “Intentional One Thing Challenge.” To start the new year, how about making your “One Thing” a New Year 30 Day Challenge”? What One Thing could you do for the next 30 days to enhance your marriage? Or strengthen your parenting skills? Or bolster your household financial management? Or improve your health? Or help your workplace relationships? Any one of those could be your 30 Day Challenge!

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