Broadcast Date: January 26, 2015

Does your desire for better health seem like an impossible dream?  You might be just “one right thing” away from the freedom you desire! Dr. Randy visits with Rob Regal from our Intentional Living Team. Rob has an encouraging story of taking action to finally get healthy after years of unhealthy living. It’s a story of health; it’s a story of faith; and it’s a story of freedom! And Dr. Randy and Rob are here to take your calls.

“What’s keeping you from becoming ‘the healthy’ you want to be?”

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Today’s Guest

Rob Regal, Senior Production Editor, Intentional Living

From Rob:


Rob with his girls. BEFORE losing 100 pounds.

It’s one thing when you need a little course-correction from time-to-time.  You normally stick to a budget and you’re not a chronic over-spender.  But maybe you’ve allowed yourself a few too many trips to the store on your credit card or too many trips to the ATM machine.  This is FAR DIFFERENT from being a shopaholic with a chronic need to buy things to feel good, deeply in debt and fast on your way to bankruptcy.

When you are on your way to a crisis like a snowball rolling down a mountain, course-correction is a lost cause.  You’re stuck and in need of freedom.  You need transformational change.


That’s Rob on the left, just a few months ago, as he poses with others from our IL Team: (L-R) Steven Davis; Sally Van Horn; Steve Tanner; Donna Carlson; and Dr. Randy

That was my story.  It was my faith journey.  It was my financial journey.  And it was my health journey, which we will be talking about today.  

Looking back on my experience, I have identified seven distinct phases or characteristics of the road from “being stuck” to “becoming free”.  Understanding these phases and, more importantly, identifying your current status according to these phases may very well be the first step to intentional living in the essential area in which you are struggling.



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