Broadcast Date: November 20, 2014

Do you have a holiday spending plan? Should you? Or will you just “wing it” and hope you have enough money in the bank or enough room on your credit cards’ limits? Dr. Randy welcomes our Intentional Financial Coach Parkey Thompson to the program today to offer advice and take your questions about Holiday Spending.

What is your Number 1 holiday spending tip?

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Today’s Program Guest

Intentional Living Center Financial Coach Parkey Thompson

parkey1Parkey is a certified financial counselor, compassionately helping his clients navigate through challenging financial and life decisions on a daily basis . He is a Sunday School teacher, volunteer and has served on several boards / committees. He enjoys passionately motivating and helping families, individuals, businesses, and churches envision and achieve their dreams. More than anything, Parkey and his family live what he teaches others. Parkey and his family are debt free and live without credit cards and on a plan!

Throughout his personal and professional life, Parkey has experienced first-hand and overcome many of the challenges he now helps others navigate on a daily basis. For over fifteen years, Parkey has held various leadership positions across multiple companies, including companies such as General Electric and IBM. In 2005, he thoughtfully decided to use his leadership skills to help others significantly improve their own personal and business financial situations.

inTENtionalsinTENtionals for Money

Today’s Intentional Living Center Resource

10-10-80God’s Intention for Your Money: The 10/10/80 Principle (DVD & Workbook)

Life tends to give us back about what we put into it, and we tend to invest in the things in our life that are most important to us.

In this powerful DVD study, Dr. Randy takes you beyond the principles of saving 10% and giving 10%, to living on 80%. He challenges you more deeply about God’s intention for all the things that come through our hands.

Join Dr. Randy on an intentional journey to discover why:

  • Stewardship of God’s resources is vital to success
  • A plan of action is important and
  • Your priorities matter.
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