Broadcast Date: July 2, 2013

Today’s Program

You know The Gatlin Brothers. Did you know they have a baby sister? Her name is LaDonna. She started out with the boys as they began to climb the charts in the 70’s. But she then chose a different path, a path that elevated her family over the potential fame. Dr. Randy talks with LaDonna Gatlin about her intentional choice of A Different Path, on today’s Intentional Living Broadcast.

Today’s Guest

LaDonna Gatlin

LADONNAGATLINBOOKLaDonna Gatlin knows firsthand that we can’t live someone else’s dream…that in order to be our absolute best, we must find our own voice and “sing our own song.” In her own book titled The Song in You, Finding Your Voice, Redefining Your Life, LaDonna shares her personal story in a very transparent (often hilarious!) way to craft an uplifting message. This you-can-do-it guide offers practical, emotional, and spiritual insights gleaned from her experiences as part of a famous musical family and as a woman whose faith compelled her to walk away from untold riches and fame to “sing a different song” apart from her brothers, Country Music’s legendary Gatlin Brothers.

More about LaDonna’s book, The Song in You, Finding Your Voice, Redefining Your Life.

Today’s Resource

My Daily Walk Devotional

My Daily Walk was designed to help you take a few minutes-every day-to break away from the challenges and chaos of your sprint. It will help you spend quiet time with your Creator. It will strengthen your daily walk with Him. The book is broken up into 365 pages, each one featuring a reading (or devotion) that rests on the solid foundation of God’s Word. Each inspires you with insight and challenges you to action in the five essential areas of your life: faith, family, health, finances and work.

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