Broadcast Date: October 28, 2014
Expiration Date
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Friendships are forever, right? Wrong! At least, not necessarily. When is it OK to end a friendship? Do our friendships sometimes have expiration dates? Dr. Randy is here to help you discover when it’s time to allow a friendship to expire.

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“A friendship is a growing relationship that is built upon love, honesty, trust, mutual respect, shared interests and values between two equally mature people who have no hidden agendas and no control one over another.” — Dr. Randy Carlson

Here’s a question to consider…”How do you know when its time to end a friendship??”

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Friendship Expiration Dates?

Most things in life have an expiration date—a time when it’s no longer safe to consume or keep around. Milk, medicine, and even batteries have an expiration date.

Some friendships need an expiration date, too. Similar to hanging on to expired milk or medicine. If you hang on to a friendship beyond its natural expiration date, it will sour and become distasteful to one or both parties. It could become toxic and unsafe.


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