Broadcast Date: September 4, 2015

What if you lost everything? And what if God was the one who seemed to be taking it all away? Peter Chin is a man “man who came very close to losing everything.” And he is Dr. Randy’s guest today as they discuss what it means and what to do when you are Blindsided by God.

“How do you respond when you feel like you’ve been blindsided–even blindsided by God?”

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Dr. Randy’s Guest on the Program Today

Peter Chin: husband, father, pastor, writer.

chinIt took thirty years to build Peter’s faith, but only three months to knock it down.chin_book

When Peter Chin moved his family into an inner-city neighborhood to plant a church, he was sure he was doing what God wanted. But in the span of a few months his family experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage, a break-in at their home, a breast cancer diagnosis, and the termination of their health insurance. Why would God allow these things to happen?

But God had one more surprise prepared for the Chins: a child, conceived in the most unlikely and dangerous of circumstances, through whom Peter would realize that although God’s ways were wild and strange, they were always good.

Filled with twists and turns, deep insights, and surprising humor, Blindsided by God explores the reality of suffering, the mystery of God’s ways, and why, even in the darkest times, there’s always reason for hope.

Peter is the husband of a courageous cancer survivor, father to five children, pastor of Rainier Avenue Church in Seattle, and blogger for Christianity Today. His work in multi-ethnic churches has been featured on CBS Sunday morning, the Washington Post and NPR.


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