Broadcast Date: December 23, 2014

Original air date was November 19, 2014.

Being blindsided means you’ve been hit by the unexpected, usually something challenging to your marriage, family, work, and even your life. How do you handle it? How HAVE you handled it? What have you learned through the process? Or what are you struggling with as you are in the middle of it right now? Dr. Randy is here to help!

What do you do when you are “blindsided” by life?

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Keeping Christ in ChristmasKeeping Christ in Christmas

Christmas season brings blessings and gifts. It’s a special time to reflect on Jesus, his birth, and what he has meant to the world. His words resonate even more deeply during Christmas.

Unfortunately, the reason for the season gets lost in commercialization.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and endless holiday shopping are fun, but they blur the story of Jesus’ birth.

How can you intentionally keep Christ in Christmas in your life?

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