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“What can you do to make your blended family work better?” – Dr. Randy Carlson Intentional advocate for the family Dr. Randy Carlson reveals that the acrostic “BLEND” will help you blended family work better together.

“The heavenly bodies at Christmas… what’s he talking about?” – King Hoover Intentional mental health coach King Hoover uses astronomy to make his point about having a healthy body.

“Do you feel stress instead of joy during Christmas? How do you fix it?” – Dr. Gregg Jantz Intentional mental health expert Dr. Gregg Jantz invites you to slow down, make memories, and bless others this Christmas..

“Are you as thankful as you could be?” – Parkey Thompson Intentional financial coach Parkey Thompson asks you to see God even in the small things.

“A troublemaker gains great satisfaction for causing strife” – Dr. Randy Carlson Intentional Advocate for the family Dr. Randy Carlson describes those who you will find in any workplace.

“Contagion is Good” – Rod Robison Intentional Stewardship Coach Rod Robison tells about University professors who discovered that giving and generosity are contagious.

“Are you in need of a nutrition makeover?” – King Hoover Intentional Health Coach King Hoover tells you that he key to long-term weight loss is building muscle.

“Have you ever seen a little kid put a blanket over their head?” – Dr. Gregg Jantz Intentional Mental Health Expert Dr. Gregg Jantz encourages you to take one small step toward where you want to be.

“Normally I share ONE THING with you, but today it’s three.” – Dr. Randy Carlson Intentional Living Center Founder and President Dr. Randy Carlson gives you three ways you can be thankful to the LORD this Thanksgiving.

“I bet you’ve never been told to think small, have you?” – Linda Swindling Intentional Workplace Expert Linda Swindling says when big objectives are too intimidating, you may want to choose a smaller goal.