Intentional Living Content Contributors

Dr. Randy Carlson
Dr. Randy Carlson – President & Host of Intentional Living
When it comes to parenting, marriage, and other relationship issues, people are turning to best-selling author, counselor and radio personality Dr. Randy Carlson. Recognized as an advocate for the family, Dr. Carlson hosts Intentional Living, a live daily call-in program syndicated to radio stations nationwide. As president of the Intentional Living, Dr. Carlson also oversees the ministry Family Life Radio. Dr. Carlson has written or coauthored five books: Starved for Affection, Unlocking the Secrets of Your Childhood Memories, Parent Talk, Father Memories, The Cain & Abel Syndrome and his sixth book, The Power of One Thing.

Dr. Gregg Jantz – Intentional Mental Health and Relationships Coach
Dr. Gregg Jantz is a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in parenting communication strategies. He’s the founder of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources, known as “A Place of Hope.” His latest book is about teenage depression – how parents can recognize it and overcome it. Dr. Jantz is a frequent contributor to the Intentional Living broadcast and features.

King Hoover
King Hoover – Intentional Health Coach
King Hoover has over 30 Years experience in Coaching and Training. King specializes in Youth Athletic Development, Injury Reduction, Speed and Performance Enhancement. King is a frequent contributor to the Intentional Living Broadcast and features.

Robert McFarland – Intentional Leadership Coach
Robert McFarland is a leadership consultant, executive coach, and conference speaker. Robert has worked with myriad organizations conducting strategic planning, providing branding guidance, and giving communications counsel.  Robert enjoys helping people change their thinking, so they can get the results they want in business and in life.  He is preparing to release his first book, What Your Employees Wish You Knew. Robert is a frequent contributor to the Intentional Living broadcast and features.

Parkey Thompson – Intentional Financial Coach
Parkey is a certified financial counselor, compassionately helping his clients navigate through challenging financial and life decisions on a daily basis. He is a servant in his church and he enjoys passionately motivating and helping families, individuals, businesses, and churches envision and achieve their dreams. More than anything, Parkey and his family live what he teaches others. Parkey and his family are debt free and live without credit cards and on a plan! Parkey is a frequent contributor to the Intentional Living broadcast and features.

Linda Swindling – Intentional Workplace Relationships Coach
Linda Swindling is a workplace and communications expert. A Certified Speaking Professional and frequent media guest, Linda is contributing and coauthor of several books. In addition to service on several local boards, Linda has served as a Vistage chair, a national officer of the National Speakers Association and is past president of the National Speakers Association/North Texas. Linda’s newest book is Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers: How to Negotiate Work Drama to Get More Done. Linda is a frequent contributor to the Intentional Living broadcast and features.

Rod Robison – Intentional Stewardship Coach
Rod Robison has been with Family Life Communications for over 25 years. Jesus had more to say about stewardship than virtually any other topic including Heaven and Hell. And he said some pretty radical things about how we should steward the time, talents, and treasures he has entrusted to us. Rod’s goal is to encourage each of us to rethink and realign our stewardship responsibilities toward one that will please and honor Christ. Rod is a frequent contributor to the Intentional Living broadcast and features.