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“Weighing often will make the scale your friend again.” – King Hoover Intentional Health Coach King Hoover advises you to make your scale at home an accountability partner.

“Education debt is becoming a big crisis, with some experts saying that defaults on student loans could be the next financial meltdown.” – Rod Robison Intentional Stewardship Coach Rod Robison warns that since college tuition is so high, your college bound student must be committed to finish.

Did you feel understood by your family when you were a kid?  – Dr. Randy Carlson Intentional Living Center Founder Dr. Randy Carlson offers three keys to help you understand those you love.

How important is truth? How important is faithfulness?

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“When Jim Rohn stated his career, he was broke and had no clue how to be successful.” – Rod Robison Intentional Stewardship Coach Rod Robison talks about the necessity of setting goals.

Recognize the name Heraclitus? How about Nebuchadnezzar? They have vastly divergent views on change. Where do you fit in?

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Dr. Randy’s Top Ten List of what to expect and how to grow as you go through the inevitable changes we face in life.

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