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“Is there somebody that you’ll going to miss when the whole family gets together for the holidays?” – Dr. Gregg Jantz Intentional Mental Health Expert Dr. Gregg Jantz asks you to be willing to talk about those who are no longer there; tell stories about them, and honor them.

“This year I’m going to take the money I usually spend and cards and things my clients don’t need or want, and donate it instead to a social services agency in my community” – Linda Swindling Intentional Workplace Expert Linda Swindling asks those who are in tough times to reach out to some agencies for Read More

“The most wonderful time of the year may not be wonderful for many, Is that you?” – Parkey Thompson Intentional financial coach Parkey Thompson encourages us to prepare for Christmas year around, so when it arrives you won’t be overwhelmed.

“What does Christmas mean to you?” – Dr. Randy Carlson Intentional Living founder and advocate Dr. Randy Carlson reminds us that Christmas represents new life, new beginnings and new hope.

“The average American male lives 27,500 Days. By that measure I’ve got about 6000 left” – Rod Robison Intentional stewardship coach Rod Robison encourages you to not get bogged down in your past, but pursue eternal things and finish strong.

“Are you Planning for NEXT Christmas” – King Hoover Intentional health coach King Hoover warns you not to play fast and loose with your health so you can be here next Christmas.

“Christmas is supposed to be the most joyful time of the year. Why is it so filled with tension and disappointment?” – Dr. Gregg Jantz Intentional mental health expert Dr. Gregg Jantz asks you to write out your values this Christmas then DO the things to support these values.

“Are the people around you creating chaos?” – Linda Swindling Intentional workplace expert Linda Swindling helps you to take care of business without the dragged into other people’s busy-ness.

“I’ve got one thing that will change the way you shop for groceries” – Parkey Thompson Intentional financial coach Parkey Thompson  encourages you to shop with a plan, because the grocery store’s plan is to get you to buy more than you intended.

“A troublemaker gains great satisfaction for causing strife” – Dr. Randy Carlson Intentional Advocate for the family Dr. Randy Carlson describes those who you will find in any workplace.