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“Watching football aggravates me sometimes.” – Parkey Thompson Intentional Financial Coach Parkey Thompson describes the result of sending a small running back up the middle against huge linemen may resemble your finances.

“Do your in-laws sometimes feel more like outlaws?” – Dr. Randy Carlson Dr. Randy Carlson gives you 5 tips to help you succeed with your in-laws.

“This probably won’t surprise you.” – Rod Robison Intentional Stewardship Coach Rod Robison explains how the government loses money while making money. But it’s not that way with God.

“Does a better Body come in a pill?” – King Hoover Listen as King Hoover, our Intentional Health Expert, shows you there is no quick fix to being healthy.

“Do you notice your teenage girls acting strangely around food?” – Dr. Gregg Jantz Listen as Dr. Gregg Jantz, our Intentional Mental Health Expert, encourages parents to go deep and really get to know your teenager, so you can get to the real root of any problems that may arise.

“You gotta give give give, before you get get get!” – Joe Charbonneau Listen as Linda Swindling, our Intentional Workplace Coach, says that if you want to contribute value at work, consider volunteering your expertise as you seek to be a helper and not a drainer.