A Top Ten List of inTENtional steps to help you Love that Emotionally Weak person in your life.

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“Does your financial plan have a GPS unit?” – Parkey Thompson Listen as Parkey Thompson, our Intentional Financial Coach, says a spending plan (budget) is like having a GPS for your money so it goes where you intentionally tell it to go. http://cdc63ecfc2aafc61475b-fefb5140acc7e90eb90560cda667bbff.r55.cf1.rackcdn.com/pt_GPS_Finances_140711.mp3

People in our modern society must be more careful about personal habits than those from past generations.

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“Soon the would-be missionary was able to do far more for missions than he ever could have had he gone to Africa.” – Rod Robison Listen as Rod Robison, our Intentional Stewardship Coach, reminds us that God may change your plans so that He can bless others through you in ways that exceed what otherwise Read More

“What are your monsters now?” – Dr. Gregg Jantz Listen as Dr. Gregg Jantz, our Intentional mental health Expert, talks about the need to MOVE when confronting even our adult “monsters.” http://cdc63ecfc2aafc61475b-fefb5140acc7e90eb90560cda667bbff.r55.cf1.rackcdn.com/gj_Monsters_140716.mp3

“Chilling out can help you go all in!” – King Hoover Listen as King Hoover, our Intentional Health Coach, explains the value of drinking a really cold sports drink while exercising. http://cdc63ecfc2aafc61475b-fefb5140acc7e90eb90560cda667bbff.r55.cf1.rackcdn.com/kh_Chill_140717.mp3

“The longer you wait to implement and idea the less enthusiasm you will have for it.” – Jim Rhone Listen as Rod Robison, our Intentional Stewardship Coach, speaks to the need to not procrastinate on things you know you need to do, such as being a good steward.. http://cdc63ecfc2aafc61475b-fefb5140acc7e90eb90560cda667bbff.r55.cf1.rackcdn.com/rr_Diminishing_Intent_140718.mp3

“Your use of money may have an impact on someone else’s life..” – Parkey Thompson Listen as Parkey Thompson, our Intentional Finance Coach, encourages us to break the stereotype of the “bad-tipper” Christian at the restaurant after Sunday services. http://cdc63ecfc2aafc61475b-fefb5140acc7e90eb90560cda667bbff.r55.cf1.rackcdn.com/pt_Sunday_Crowd_140721.mp3

“Children will test your resolve and your stamina.” – Dr. Randy Carlson Listen as Dr. Randy Carlson, our Intentional Counselor and Coach, offers some tips for recharging your “life batteries.” http://cdc63ecfc2aafc61475b-fefb5140acc7e90eb90560cda667bbff.r55.cf1.rackcdn.com/rc_Parenting_Break_140722.mp3

“It’s called work for a reason!” – Linda Swindling Listen as Linda Swindling, our Intentional Workplace Coach, describes the differences between contributors and complainers and how being intentional should lead to the obvious choice. http://cdc63ecfc2aafc61475b-fefb5140acc7e90eb90560cda667bbff.r55.cf1.rackcdn.com/ls_Contributors_140723.mp3