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Dr. Randy Carlson has developed this free 38 page eBook titled Really Live to equip and challenge you to live life with more purpose and more meaning today, and more hope and success tomorrow. As you read Really Live you will learn how to take that first step of living an intentional life in Christ. This short yet powerful resource will help you let God do something extraordinary with the days you have left on this planet.

By downloading this free eBook you’ve decided that “getting by” is no longer good enough. When you read Really Live and act upon what you’re about to learn, you will be living a life of purpose, direction and satisfaction.

Within the Really Live eBook you will learn…

  • how to develop the right habits that will change your life
  • how to experience God’s love in your life
  • how to develop life goals
  • how to ask the right questions in order to acquire the right answers
  • 10 ways God shows His intentional love for you
  • seven reasons good intentions aren’t good enough

We pray that this free resource will help you live today the way God intends for you to become in Christ tomorrow.

You can download the free eBook Really Live when you fill out the form on this page. We will send you a link so you can download and read this book right away.

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