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My granddaughter is now in 9th grade and has let me know that she’s no longer sure there is a God. This past weekend she finally told me why. In 5th grade she started to become depressed and she told me she prayed and prayed for God to help her. She said He did not, so she started cutting. She has now been diagnosed as bi-polar and is on medications. She was seeing a therapist, however the insurance will not pay for it any more so we’re trying to locate another therapist. I don’t know what to tell her. I told her that sometime God does answer us but if it’s not the answer we want we don’t recognize it. I brought up how things are better for her now that she’s on her medicine. Bottom line is I don’t know how to help her “listen” for God and to recognize Him when he is talking to her. Please pray for her and me.


A friend’s co-worker’s, 21 year old daughter, Kurston, had a cancerous tumor removed from her brain last week. The doctor’s say that even with chemo and radiation the tumor will come back and she will have only 14 months to live. We’re praying that the tumor will not return. Thanks for praying.


Please pray for William who is deep into alcoholism. We are expecting our third baby in two weeks. He has been on a drinking binge for two months and is far away in Montana and I am in Arizona taking care of our other two kids. He has spent all his money drinking and left us with nothing. I am not to worry too much about finances because the Lord says he will provide for our needs. I am more concerned about William and his salvation. I am asking for your help to uplift him to the Lord that he will be unbinded and unblinded by his sinful life he is living right now. Thank you for help.


We’ve been married 32 years. My husband recently came to Christianity. He reads daily and looks at shows daily. I don’t do the same. Although, I don’t devote the same amount of time, I feel I understand God’s laws more. There’s 5 properties under his mom and sister name that he purchased against me which he reaps rent. Yes our funds are separate at his choice. For years I’ve asked them all and mostly my husband to correct these lies and place them in our name. He hasn’t and calls me materialistic. We were living 6 in a 2 bedroom house. His mom and my husband have done more against me and I forgave. But these lies are in my face daily.


Please pray for my parents marriage. My father was unfaithful and says he has fallen out of love with my mother. Thank you.

jeena (gina)

My name is Jeena and I struggle with meth addiction. I have a CPS case open in Arizona. The state has taken my son because of my addiction. I gave birth to my daughter, Angelina two months after CPS severed my rights for my son, Isaac. I am on the road to recovery, I can feel it coming. Please pray that God will give me guidance and blessed assurance that I will be the mother He has called me to be.


I have an 18 year old son who has recently begun junior college. We have recently discovered nearly 30 porn sites visited on an electronic device in our home. He lives with his grandparents while attending school and spends all of his time in his locked bedroom. His biogical and step father have admitted to porn addiction and tried to detour him from it. Please pray for his mind to be renewed and that he would return to his first love. Pray that bondages would be broken and he would develop a yearning, deep within his soul to know The Lord with a growing passion and desire to follow Him and the calling that was placed on his life as a child.


Please pray that my husband of 19 years will follow through on his plan to plan our marriage vow renewal and do what else is needed to restore our marriage. Thank you.


Please pray for myself and my daughter. We are going through a rough time and our relationship is strained. My daughter has made a lot of bad choices in her life and it has impacted our family. I want so much for her to have a healthy mind and spirit so that she can begin to make positive choices in her life. I pray that your prayers reach her. God be with you always.


I have an adult child with Asperger’s. He is 25 and is not a typical Asperger. Unlike most males with Asperger’s, my son is very outgoing and is very social. He wants so much to be accepted. Thank goodness the high school bullying did not continue after graduation. He lives a few blocks from me, but depends on me for many things.
He has 2 loving siblings. He is the middle child. I am approaching 60 years if age and I feel as if I am running out of time to help this wonderful human being reach his highest potential. Living in West Texas leaves him with very little support outside of his family. I am strong in Christ. I am married to a wonderful Godly man. He has been my children’s stepfather for 3 years. Although, he tries hard to understand this thing called “Asperger’s”, he finds himself wondering why my son can’t try just a little harder. This is not untypical. I understand my husband. Here is the bottom line. I have a loving family, with lots of support. I live a comfortable life and have everything I could possibly need. But, when I go to bed at night and all lights are out and I have finished my prayers and the quietness slips in, I feel so alone in this journey with my Asperger son.Please pray for my son, that he continues to feel strong and capable. Please pray that he finds his place in the world. Please pray that his community of fellow human beings will acknowledge his loving, kind, sharing and gentle disposition. All of this, so that I might find peace when the sun goes down and the darkness quietens my day.  My biggest fear is dying one day before he does.
Thank you.