Broadcast Date: July 14, 2017

Imagine not being worried about money all the time. Imagine having the freedom to give generously, instead of being in debt.

Dr. Randy has a biblical, practical process for helping you experience God’s intention for your finances. He calls it the Intentional Living Process and he uses the word FREE as an acrostic to help remember it.

Today he begins his 2-part teaching on the Intentional Living Process for Finances. We’d love to send you a DVD copy of it, along with three other “Process” teachings from Dr. Randy. See the details below.. And you can go to the Broadcast Highlights tab on our web site to go to the previous days’ teachings on this topic.

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You are needed!

For the last couple of months The Intentional Living Center has been facing a shortfall of donations. And because we do not borrow money to operate the ministry, we do what you probably do when the funds are a little short: we do without or cut back as needed.
When you give your gift–of any amount–you’ll help us get back on track
AND we’ll say THANKS by sending you
Dr. Randy’s foundational teaching on the Intentional Living Process for…
That’s FOUR Biblical, Practical Teachings on One DVD!





Intentional Living
in 60 Seconds!Intentional Living Minute


What is Intentional Living?

il logoAt Intentional Living, we have a passion to help people live intentionally in the five essential areas of life: Faith, Relationships, Health, Finances and Work. We’re motivated by our God-given mission, vision and message.

  • Mission
    Family Life Communications is a Biblical, Christ-centered communications ministry dedicated to igniting transformation by affirming faith, inspiring hope and equipping each person into healthy relationships and growth in Christ.
  • Vision
    To see individuals, families, churches and nations of the world transformed – as evidenced by individuals living an intentional life in Christ.
  • Message
    “Figure out what pleases Christ, and then do it.” (Ephesians 5:10 The Message)


Note: If you need counseling for yourself or your marriage but you don’t know who to call, you might try the referral services of Focus on the Family (800-232-6459) or the American Association of Christian Counselors (800-526-8673).

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