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Intentional Living Leadership Coach, Robert McFarland helps you de-clutter your mind and relax.

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Intentional Living Financial Coach, Parkey Thompson talks about the motto you find on our money..

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Our Intentional Living Center founder, Dr. Randy Carlson provides insight into marriage communication.

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Our Intentional Stewardship Coach, Rod Robison,shares an example of personal integrity

Our Intentional Health Coach, King Hoover, encourages you to add weight…

Our Intentional Mental Health Expert, Dr. Gregg Jantz, helps you help your son with his homework.

Our Intentional Workplace Expert, Linda Swindling, helps you with the different “Languages” you may encounter at work.

Parkey Thompson, our Intentional Financial Coach, delivers a plan for when you go to the grocery store.

Intentional Mental Health Expert Dr. Gregg Jantz talks about a cure for stress.

Parkey Thompson, our Intentional Financial Coach, gives you a better plan when going to the grocery store.