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Riches to Rags to Redemption

June 26th, 2017

Do you know the old saying from “Rags to Riches?” Well, coming up on the next Intentional Living, Dr. Randy visits with a man who went “From ...

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The Necessity of Solid Footing

Life is complicated and often requires expert juggling. Balancing work and home, time between your kids and your spouse, having to be in two places at once, and your faith with everything else are just a few.


The Prodigal Son

Most commentators, pastors and teachers agree that the father in this parable represents God the Father. And the son . . . well, that’s you and me. And you know that bad or stupid decisions are not beyond our capabilities.


The Power of ONE THING

We should each be able to go to bed every night and reflect back on the day and know that we took at least one action to move us a little closer to God and His intention for our lives. And that one thing is different for each of us.   


God-Appointed Distractions

Distractions are not always bad. Sometimes they are God-appointed and can change the course of your life. There are times when God wants to speak to us, and we need to be aware of being too focused to miss it.


Intentional Blend

The Spirit of God and our sinful nature can never blend, never reconcile. One must conquer the other


Change and Truth

How important is truth? How important is faithfulness?


The Only Thing Constant Is Change

Recognize the name Heraclitus? How about Nebuchadnezzar? They have vastly divergent views on change. Where do you fit in?


Who’s Leading?

Hymns are largely a thing of the past, and sometimes for good reason. Musically they are dated; theologically they can be weak or shallow; the language is archaic; or…


Where Did THAT Come From?

This week and next, Dr. Randy is going through his teaching series entitled: Making Better Decisions.


The Check Engine Light & Prayer

My daughter called me last night and told me her check engine light is on. Of course, she was thinking of thousands of dollars of expense, and I told her that it could be something simple and cheap. We discussed various options and determined the simplest thing to do would be for her to swing by my house, and then I could drop her off at work and take her car to the shop.



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